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No matter whether in warehouses/distribution centers or throughout a supply chain, Dy nestable plastic pallets are widely used to move, and store products. In different business types, from manufacturing plants to retail stores, customers optimize their supply chain with Dy nestable pallets. When nested, these pallets are way more cost-effective during trips than any other pallets. Made of HDPE, these pallets are 100% recyclable, have a long service life, and are impact resistant.Shaped in consistent sizes and weights, it is much easier for customers to calculate logistic costs and evaluate the compatibility with their conveyors and material handling equipment. Dy nestable pallets’ sizes vary from 100*80cm to 140*120cm, ideal for multiple usage scenarios. They are lightweight with no nails, splinters, or broken boards. The closed decks and drainage holes offer them better cleanability. When they are no longer used, plastic pallets can be recycled and made into other products.


  • Dimensions1200*1000*128mm
  • Pallet TypeNestable pallet
  • Weight6.5 KG
  • Load Capacity (Static)500 KG
  • Load Capacity (Dynamic)500 KG
  • Load Quantities 40’HQ1430
  • MaterialHDPE
  • Entry4-way

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